by Drunk & Sailor

Well, you’re almost a man now, son, let’s have a chat
Put up your feet, and take off your hat.
You see all these ladies? They’ll try to entice
But listen to me, boy, I’ve got some advice.

Girls they can catch you with their eyes and their smile,
And their soft pretty hair will distract for a while
Then they’ll try to change you to what they want you to be
Your safest bet is to sail out to sea.

Son, take it from me
Spend your life on the sea
And happy you’ll be.

A girl will ask you to leave when she wants you to stay
A girl can be laughing and cry anyway
Girls they will lie when they got nothing to hide
That’s why men weigh anchor and sail with the tide.


Some girls are naughty, and some girls are nice
Some won’t even look at you til you pay their price
Some girls you might even love just a bit
But leave ’em behind, boys, they’re cray as shit.