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Facebook doesn’t show you everything from our page. You’re likely to miss our Tweets (and we often forget to make them). You can’t constantly check our website. How is a Drunk & Sailor fan to know what’s new and when all the shows are?

Sign up for our new email list, that’s how. Duh. But you still have to take the responsibility of actually checking and reading your email. You can lead a pirate to grog, but you can’t make him drink.

We promise not to let anyone else have your email address, and we promise we’ll only send a couple emails a month at most.

We’re on Spotify!

Hey did you know we have a song on Spotify? Yeah, just one song. But listen to it!

New things!

Hey, long time no update! We’re pretty much all booked up for the first part of the year (see our shows page for what’s been confirmed so far). And we learned some new songs to play at these shows, even!

The other new thing is that you buy several of our CDs and some t-shirts through this very website! See the store page to order goodies.

Drunk & Sailor shirt

Upcoming shows

  • This weekend we broke attendance records at the Kentucky Highland Renaissance Faire! The final weekend of the faire is this weekend July 4-5, so come help break records again!
  • Jim Porter’s Good Time Emporium unexpectedly shut its doors, so our shows that were scheduled there have been cancelled. Apologies to anyone planning on going.
  • Our special Thursday pirate night at the Haymarket Whiskey Bar has been rescheduled to Tues July 21st…the night it would normally have been on anyway. Sorry for the confusion.
  • Anyone near northern Kentucky should join us for our first ever show ON A BOAT! We’ll be playing a pirate riverboat tour for BB Riverboats on July 18th. Tickets available here!
    Pirate Cruise

Happy New Year

It’s 2015, the Year of the Pirate! Well, every year is the Year of the Pirate as far as we’re concerned, but 2015 is looking good. Our schedule for the year is already filling up, so if you want us at your event/venue, the sooner you get in touch with us the better! Email us at info@drunkandsailor.com.

All our confirmed shows for the first few months of 2015 are on our SHOWS PAGE, so check it out and plan ahead.

Our friend, Johnny Foodstamp

Foodstamp show
We are really excited to announce a couple shows with Johnny Foodstamp, master olde-tyme ukelele player from Nashville. We’ll be playing November 7 at the Haymarket Whiskey Bar in Louisville, and November 8 at the Blue Stallion Brewery in Lexington. Come join us!

Beer and Booty Trolley Tour 2014

Congrats to David Ballew, who won the 2014 Pirate of the Year Award at our Talk Like a Pirate Day party. The competition was fierce, but David had it where it counts.

Next up, the Drunk & Sailor Beer and Booty Trolley Tour returns to Lexington for its fourth year! This year we’ll end with a show at Henry Clay’s Public House.

Trolley Tour map

Talk Like a Pirate Day


Talk Like a Pirate Day is only two weeks away! We’ve got a fun show planned with Cincinnati’s Band of Pirates. In addition to pirate music from two bands, there will be piratical contests and prizes…one skillful individual will be named Pirate of the Year! Visit the Facebook event page for more information and to RSVP.

Welcome to our website!

Drunk & Sailor

Welcome to the website of Drunk & Sailor, pirate musicians from Louisville, KY!

It’s a work in progress, and things will be added over the next few months. For now, the “SHOWS” page is the important one to pay attention to. That’s where you’ll find dates for every confirmed show we have until the end of 2014. Every single one. We might end with more as things work themselves out, but for now that’s what we’re planning on doing.

In the (hopefully) near future, we’ll add a photo gallery, a better biography, and song lyrics!

Note the links at the top and bottom of the page to our Facebook, YouTube, and Soundcloud pages!

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